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Laboratory & Hospital Equipment
Lab Experiment

We sell and supply high quality laboratory and hospital equipment from top manufacturers all over the world. Contact us today, we are here to serve you 24/7 Online and On-site.

Chemicals, Reagents & Consumables

For more than 15 years, we've been delivering excellence and nothing less than it. The chemicals, laboratory reagents and consumables that we sell are manufactured by only the best-of-the-best. We do not joke with quality, and so we ensure that the products have undergone thorough quality control procedures and are tested and proven. 

Technical Consultancy & Training

We provide technical consulting services to institutions and research centers. We also train laboratory and medical technicians.

Our technical and support team is ready to attend to you online and on-site at any time. Get in touch.

Design & Construction of Laboratory

We design laboratories for schools, research centers and hospitals. We have designed many laboratories in Nigeria and have a lot of positive feedback from our clients.

Laboratory Furniture & Fittings

We design and install all kinds of laboratory furniture and fittings. All steel, wood & steel laboratory furniture, fume hoods, laminar flow systems, bio-safety cabinets, clean-rooms, lab storage cabinets.

Maintenance & Repairs

We provide maintenance and repairs of laboratory and hospital equipment. We have highly skilled OEM specialist engineers, who can remotely diagnose and resolve equipment issue in a timely manner.

Excellent Support

We support our customers by providing the highest level of assistance in their scientific researches.

Quality Products

High quality, rugged and reliable innovative products that help researchers produce reliable result.

Design & Installation

Construction of modern laboratory installation and maintenance of laboratory furniture and fittings.

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International companies

Over 7 internationally recognized companies supply our unique products. Over 18 sales representatives in Nigeria only



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